Praise for Hearts Set Free

“Jess Lederman exhibits bold and forthright writing that would set any heart on fire…carrying the reader along a thrilling and fiery ride that is as sure as his faith in God. It is [nearly] impossible to read Hearts Set Free and not believe that there is a God. This is the kind of story that separates the grain from the chaff both in plot and in the heart of a reader, chasing away any doubt that the utmost joy is possible even in the midst of the worst suffering—there is such a thing called the [Joyful] Fellowship of Suffering that not only draws one closer to Jesus, but puts one in a position where they can stand in awe of the Cross and its power. Stories like this remind us that the cross indeed does set hearts free!”
—Miranda A. Uyeh, To Be a Person

“This is a soaring historical epic, taking the reader through almost a century of interconnected and deeply meaningful story. Jess Lederman has given us unforgettable characters, ranging from lovable ones reminiscent of George MacDonald or Michael Phillips heroes, to dark characters straight out of a supernatural thriller. I wholeheartedly endorse Hearts Set Free!
WisePath Books

"...a riveting ride...the saga--which could easily span several books--embraces aspects of multiple genres, including action/adventure,supernatural, mystery, and romance. Christian fiction fans will enjoy this book, as will anyone who appreciates fine writing and expert plot development. Ultimately, the author creates such a believable world that by the end of this wild ride, readers might wonder if this had, indeed, actually happened." —BlueInk Review Notable Book

“I was mesmerized by the characters and how everything unfolded and linked together. These stories of going from doubt to faith are amazing and just what I not only love to read, but needed to read! Hearts Set Free is a historical/current time Christian fiction book that is worth reading - and reading more than once. It has some fantastic and strong well developed characters that I ended up loving. Make sure to add this one to your must read list this year!”
Just One More Paragraph (musings of a Christian wife)

Hearts Set Free is an emotive piece of literature that enthralled, entertained and enchanted me from the very first page! Everything about this contemporary Christian piece of fiction was compelling; the characters, as well as settings the reader gets to experience and the incredible literature courtesy of the remarkable Jess Lederman, made me fall madly in love with this book…if you are a reader who is tired of reading the same old books that are lackluster and forgettable then take a chance with this one because I promise you now that you will not be disappointed! Hearts Set Free gets five stars from me!”
Aimee Ann,

“The weaving of three disparate, seemingly unrelated stories into cohesive, joined narrative is a tough feat to pull off. Paul Thomas Anderson, for example, does this brilliantly in film. So too does Jess Lederman in his novel of historical fiction, Hearts Set Free."

“These separate stories of varied characters come together to form a tapestry of faith, yearning, and wonder at the majesty of the universe. Lederman’s prose is polished and often lyrical…” —Kirkus Reviews

Listen to Chapter One of Hearts Set Free, narrated by Alison Maglaughlin:

"Jess Lederman's uplifting and compelling Christian novel Hearts Set Free is about hearts that come to Jesus in unexpected ways...Gripping scenes, including some where the characters’ lives are at risk, make the story feel even more genuine. Christianity is not glamorized. The story does not evade real, hard questions such as about the rationale of suffering in the presence of a loving God. Reflecting upon the presence of a God who seeks a personal relationship with human beings, Hearts Set Free is a powerful and inspiring novel.”
Foreword Clarion Reviews

“Hearts Set Free was a powerful read. It was almost overwhelming at times but I really enjoyed it. I loved seeing the characters develop their relationships with God.”
Julia Wilson, Christian Bookaholic

“An exquisitely entertaining experience for the Christian reader. The book enriches one’s faith and awe for the beauty of God’s majestic creation. The author does an excellent job by revealing the struggles of unbelievers who finally turn to Christ to be freed from the bondage of sin and unforgiveness. He reveals a glowing transformation in the lives of the characters. He makes the stories beautifully converge at Las Vegas where the little community of the Church of the Heart Set Free shares in the passion, death, and resurrection of Christ.”
Renu G.,

“Hearts Set Free walks confidently along a winding path, weaving together friendship and family, struggle and failure, love and faith into a master tapestry of redemption stretching across generations.”
—Pastor Ashley Brown, Wasilla Bible Church, Wasilla, AK

“The process the Father uses to free his children's hearts is often not what we would expect.  Jess Lederman's novel Hearts Set Free imagines what that process might look like in the lives of characters whose hearts may be similar to yours and mine.  It's a gripping story that small groups could enjoy reading and discussing together. It can be used to shed light on the Biblical answers to thorny questions like, ‘Why is there evil in the world?’ and ‘Is anyone ever too far away from Jesus that He can't reach them?’”
—Pastor John Kermott, Fairfield First Baptist Church, Fairfield, Iowa

“Hearts Set Free is a fascinating mixture of history and fiction woven together by a strong cord of truth. The novel takes one on an adventurous ride through the past and present, but what makes it a must-read are the thrilling spiritual stories of how people come to faith in Christ. This is a story about the grace of God and how His prodigals find their way home. It will stay with you for a long time.”
—-Pastor Stephen Carney, Retired, Church of God (Anderson), Brookville, OH